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Staves for a new job. To help finding a new job, and aid during a job interview. Create a amulet pouch from a natural fabric dyed red & paint the staves onto this. Fill pouch with an equal amount of Lavender, Bay Laurel and St. John's Wort and add a drop of your own blood and Carry the pouch with you, while you are job hunting, and when you go to interviews. Once the amulet has served it's purpose, say your thanks to it, and toss it from a bridge, over your left shoulder, and don't look…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Community Helpers: Jobs That People Do

This packet includes: - Jobs People Do activity sheet - Who Am I? Cut and paste activity sheet - Write About a Job activity sheet - 6 short stories about a job with questions about the main topic and details. It also includes a writing prompt for opinion, narrative and informational/explanatory writing.

I saw this on Instagram and it won 2nd place. The 1st place went to a really terrible powerpuff girls cosplay. It only won because cartoon network built a brick wall between Steven universe but loves their awful shows.

kudos! The president photographer did I a good job on this photo.