Bringing Christianity to Ireland. Saint Patrick may also have had a hand in Christianizing the Picts and the Anglo-Saxons. He is Ireland's Patron Saint. It is believed that he died on March 17th.

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12 Last Minute St. Patricks Day Crafts for kids. Simple and easy to complete with items from around your home.

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Saint Anne's Helper: St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages: Glorious St. Patrick Coloring Page! St. Patrick, pray for us!

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st patrick's day vintage images | ... Vintage Images once again. This time around, it's St Patrick's Day

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Saint Patrick the missionary: "I want to help the natives because I'm a good person! Oh, they don't want to convert to the religion of their oppressors from the religion that their ancestors have practiced since the dawn of time? DRIVE THEM ALL OUT AND CALL THEM SNAKES. ...Now steal their Spring Equinox holiday and name it after me."

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St. Patrick dove the snakes from Ireland and used the Shamrock to teach about the Holy Trinity. G.S.

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St. Patrick came from a rich English family and was kidnapped by pirates to be sold as a slave in Ireland. He escaped years later but returned to tell the Irish about Jesus. There are many legends about St. Patrick such as the story of how he banished all snakes from Ireland when he arrived. He also used the Shamrock leaf to explain the Holy Trinity. St. Patrick became Ireland's first Bishop, leaving a legacy for the island to become the center of Catholic faith for centuries.

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The Last Snake in Ireland: A Story About St. Patrick by Sheila Macgill-Callahan, Will Hillenbrand (Illustrator). St. Patrick's Day books for kids.

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