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from Ashlee Marie

When you need your whipped cream to stay whipped you want to stabilize it, now you can pipe it onto desserts and it will hold its shape


1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin 4 teaspoons cold water 1 cup heavy whipping cream (35%) 1⁄4 cup sifted icing sugar (confectioners sugar) In a small pan, combine gelatin and cold water; let stand until thick. Place over low heat, stirring constantly, just until the gelatin dissolves. Remove from heat; cool (do not allow it to set). Whip the cream with the icing sugar, until slightly thick. While slowly beating, add the gelatin to whipping cream. Whip at high speed until stiff.

from Just A Pinch Recipes

If you love having something whipped and creamy with your summer cobbler or fruit pie but are avoiding dairy, then I have a sweet little trick for you. Did you know that you can make luscious whipped cream from a can of coconut milk? Here's how!

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–> Click Here for the Moccasin Sale!   Have you ever wondered how professional bakeries get that amazing, perfectly shaped whipped cream on their fancy desserts?  The kind where you think it’s frosting, but then you take one bite into it and realize it’s the most perfectly light, whippy, fresh cream?  Chances are it’s just …

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Recipe for Stabilized Whipped Cream Frosting - Before finding this recipe, I often wondered how bakeries and restaurants could keep their whipped cream frosting so beautiful and firm throughout the day..


Whipped Cream Icing For Frosting and Decorating A Cake--Has several different types for different things (decorating, piping, flowers...)


Sweet (Stabilized) Stiff Whipped Cream. What's the secret ingredient whipped cream that keeps its shape for days and in the heat? Easy recipe here!