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Stacey Eastenders

Aunt Sal and Stacey

Stacey Slater, Callum Monk and Danielle Jones played by Lacey Turner, Elliot Jordan and Lauren Grace.


EastEnders fans say Lacey Turner's take on mentally ill Stacey is 'Oscar worthy'

The Walford favourite, who suffers from bi-polar, broke down in this evening's tear-jerking double episode special


How Charities Helped Shape 'EastEnders' Postpartum Psychosis Storyline

'EastEnders' Postpartum Psychosis Storyline: How Charities Worked With Scriptwriters To Sensitively Portray Illness


Eastenders: Stacey (Lacey Turner) was hiding a terrible secret from husband-to-be Bradley (Charlie Clements); she'd been having an affair with his father. Bradley and Stacey's marriage was doomed from the start but many fans still hoped for a happy ending.


Thursday 18 February, 2016 It is a storyline that has gripped EastEnders fans and thrust a little-talked about, or understood, condition into the limelight.The birth of Stacey Branning's son, Arthur, sparked the onset of a devastating disorder, called postpartum psychosis. Viewers have been gripped as Stacey suddenly found herself experiencing extreme paranoia, delusions and hallucinations and was subsequently sectioned.The storyline, due to reac