Piantana tre Loti...If anyone is headed to Italy, they're welcome to pick up one of these lamps for me!! :)

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Stained glass lighthouse lamp. I'm undecided about whether this is naff if you're not in a holiday cottage by the sea. But maybe I'll never know until I get one and try it?

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Лампа витражная настольная «Деревце» no translation needed, lovely lamp

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None of us had ever seen such an obscure lamp before! The parrots are actually lighted. You definitely want to pad and wrap this baby well before moving!

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Une idée à explorer...O M G!!! These are so awesome! Light fixtures like agate slices or iridescent glass, shaped like crystal formations!

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Not really. Stained glass. My husband has had this hand-made lamp for well over thirty years; far longer than we’ve been together. It was hand-crafted by a friend of his who died tragically …

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