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Screw Trump and the hare-brained mob he rode in on. There are millions of good people in this country too smart to be fooled by this orange con-artist and WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU.

Preach it! Buckle up, time for more republiKKKan destruction. Worse than EVER before, WATCH and see for yourself.

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How To Write Stand Up Comedy - From Eddie Murphy to Lee Evans

Explore the techniques of stand up artists and how to write stand up comedy with structure. Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Bill Hicks and Lee Evans explored.

History appears very likely to repeat itself on these and many other fronts following the Trump election ... Stand up and fight, make your voice heard!

... but I'm fine with that at my end. It's always great when Libs show where they REALLY STAND ... because us Constitutional Republic Conservatives already knew, and wanted YOU to know too.

Flags and pledges are SYMBOLS of ideals and unity. The flag and the pledge are packaging; standing up for your fellow human being is what should be in that metaphorical box. If your box is empty, and you're running around showing it off and bragging about it, you. Are. A. Fool.

Leviticus 19:32 “Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged. Fear your God. I am the Lord.

We all know it was a con, I seriously doubt we'll hear much more about it unless trump actually tries to make good on his threat to "lock her up."

we were little girls with messy hair who wanted to shoot lasers at the people who hurt us. we made our barbies fly, made them spies, made them as strong as we wanted to be. they could stand up to the bullies. when we were older, we would ask, “where are the female superheroes?” “it’s just a movie,” we were assured, “and what’s wrong with being the girl next door?”..