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Standing Wave

Author Unknown. I was surprised at how much the element of color, or lack there of, played a role in the definition of objects. The white of the wave crests helped them to stand out greatly in the blues of the sea.


AWW .... sunset wave beach stone - AMAZING !!!


Reminder that DAPL was re-routed through Standing Rock because Bismarck's residents feared it could poison their drinking water. The Sioux are literally being forced at gunpoint to accept ecological risks that North Dakota's white residents refused.


I will not wave a flag or stand for a song until I can feel proud of my country again. What is happening to the protectors at Standing Rock is beyond criminal. I am ashamed of my country today.


‘Wanna burn the US constitution? Shoot at us first’: Veterans prepare to aid DAPL protesters | RT | 12/3/16 | "US military veterans continue to arrive at Standing Rock, with up to 3,500 expected in total. They are due to meet with tribal elders to discuss how they can best help the ongoing protest, marked by heavy police force and bitterly cold weather conditions." Click to read and share the full article with three videos (2:08; 2:39; 4:12). #NoDAPL


Comparison of classical and quantum harmonic oscillator conceptions for a single spinless particle. The two processes differ greatly. The classical process (A–B) is represented as the motion of a particle along a trajectory. The quantum process (C–H) has no such trajectory. Rather, it is represented as a wave. Panels (C–F) show four different standing wave solutions of the Schrödinger equation. Panels (G–H) further show two different wave functions that are solutions of the Schrödinger ...


The Physics Girl explains how standing waves form and demonstrates the formation of wave patterns on Chladni Plates.


Standing Rock - you don't want to be on the wrong side of history in this fight, help the protesters