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Star Wars Movie Posters Shower Curtains

We printed classic Star Wars poster designs on shower curtains; you get to be an adult and enjoy your posters. Choose A New Hope or Death Star Battle.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals the Movie Magic Behind His 'Doctor Strange' Costume

Benedict Cumberbatch's surgeon-turned-magician character in Doctor Strange (out Nov. 4) is not your usual superhero, so his costume is not your customary baddie-battling outift. "It's all clothes," said costume designer and Marvel movies veteran Alexandra Byrne (The Avengers, Thor) last year, when EW visited the film's U.K. set. "From the films I've done before, we've got quite a legacy in our fabrics store of almost every type of stretch weave and fabric. And they're sitting on the top...


When he and Chewbacca met, Han was still an Imperial officer and Chewie was a slave. Han rescued him, and defected the Empire. :D


Guys I know but pls don't hate me but in this ep it was probably the first time marco saw her crying(and the fandom of course) and but-what if in the final battle with ludo sth happens to star's wand and can't fight back and the moment ludo was going to blast her marco screams STARLOOK OUT! but she's too afraid to move and marco runs and hugs her tight right before the blast hits them.marco dies,star lives.he'll die protecting her *@keepdrawing*(don't worry guys there's a happy ending c:)