Star Behavior Charts

behavior chart for home - Google Search; I like the design on this one, would just need to customize it!

Mrs. McDaniels 2nd Grade: Search results for star behavior chart

Great ideas to share with one of our new teacher ...Rock Stars

Behavior Clip Chart - Behavior Management - Stars 2, $

- Calendars And A Clip Chart **Like sayings on clip chart and star student... Also put stickers on clip....

I could use a command center. I'd prefer if it looked more like the Death Star, or the Rebel Alliance HQ, but I will settle for something like this.

Football Star or Prima Ballerina? {Behavior Chart Printables}

Star Wars Behavior Chart -- funny, but it would totally make kids WANT to move further down on the chart!

behavior chart that allows the students to 'move up' to help motivate and for positive reinforcement

behavior management idea to reward rule-followers Let me know if you can think of a way to use this with a large class (27) though!

Sunny Side Up: Star Behavior Charts -adds a goal to work towards for the week (things you were already going to do anyway - very easy!)

They’re back!  My star behavior charts.  The same star behavior charts I made for my girls in 2009 when they were 3 & 5 years old.  The same star behavior charts that I pull out every summer when we need a little extra something to keep us on track.   These babies never disappoint!  My …

Goes with the star jar: Students with exceptional behavior move from green to star jar and get a treat at the end of the day

Copy, laminate and cut out enough behavior charts for each student to have one. Attach to desk with clear contact paper. The chart shows each day...

Back to school classroom management behavior chart with a western theme will help you manage your classroom environment in a fun and attractive way. Goes great with western themed classes! Students will want to be the "All Star Wrangler" as they work with you and your behavioral expectations with this hands-on method to monitor and direct student choices. $

This fun behavior management tool would be a great addition to you Rock Star themed classroom! If you are not familiar with clip charts, they are an easy to manage tool that both rewards positive behavior and addresses poor choices all in one. Students start in the middle of the chart and can move either UP or down based on their choices.

Be A Shining Star! - Cute behavior charts, calendars & rewards. Perfect for all teaching styles and behavior levels.

Star Behavior chart - I love that this is giving praise for positive behavior! I'm going to use this & include making bed, picking up bedroom & picking up playroom on this as well!

Star Wars Classroom Behavior Clip Chart! Great Classroom and Behavior Management Resource

Magnetic Reward / Star / Responsibility / Behavior Chart for up to 3 Children. Rigid board 16" x 13" (40 x 32cm) with hanging loop (Designed in the UK & Top seller on Amazon UK) by Indigo Worldwide,

big star chart...Livey needs incentive to eat her food...but Will needs one for eating slower!

The Super Star Behavior Chart by mymypalz on Etsy

Direct link to the printable labels for a Rock Star themed behavior chart. I love it! My whole room may have to be rock 'n roll themed next year :)

These adorable 2D shape posters include 12 shapes: square, octagon, star, rectangle, oval, triangle, rhombus, rhombus and diamond, hexagon, circle, pentagon and trapezoid. These posters match our bright chevron behavior chart (Free) and our bright chevron number, color, alphabet and 3D shape posters.

Behavior Chart: Begin at Good Job every day. The clips are moved up and down based on certain requirements. If a child is on any green space at the end of the day they get 5 pom poms in their jar. When the jar is full the child gets their pre-chosen reward (treat, prize, night out with mom or dad, etc.). LOVE this! xoxo