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The world is my muse. Just look around, focus on any one thing and inspiration will come. I am bewildered by all; the strangers I pass on my way to class, the shattered beer bottle outside my dorm, even the couch I am sitting on now. Every thing has a story behind it and I see inspiration as the untold story of anything. As I search for the 'correct' answer, I find myself looking everywhere and so that must be it. Everywhere, everything, and everyone is my muse.

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1895 Antique constellation sky chart color lithograph of Southern Hemisphere, original vintage star map astronomy print, celestial cosmos

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Constellations Art, Large Constellations Print, Three Constellations, Fireplace Art, Art for Library, Vertical Art, Tall Art, Star Chart

Vertical Circular Constellation Map Star Chart in triptych layout, also available in a Horizontal Configuration, by LaurelCanyonDreaming, based on a series of 19th Century Constellation Maps. A great minimal piece of Celestial Astronomy art that feels very contemporary with elegant lines and milky way trails and fits really nicely into a Boho styled room. Black available upon request. Custom framing also available.

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Details about CONSTELLATION GLOBE GLOSSY POSTER PICTURE PHOTO earth stars astronomy cool 773


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Star Chart & Quote Art Print

Mapping out all of the stars visible from the Northern Hemisphere, this star chart art print features a quote from late astronomer Carl Sagan. It reads, “We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still,” the star chart and text printed with chalky white ink on heavyweight navy paper. Hang it where you most often contemplate space.

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Mountains Watercolor Painting Blue Galaxy Art Print - paper size: 21x29.7cm (A4) or 14.8x21cm (A5) - printed on heavy weight (300gsm), textured,

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Celestial Star Chart Constellations, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way, Star Map, Star Guide, Wall Art by FoundryCo on Etsy

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