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I like the idea of adding a quality of timelessness to the piece, perhaps through something like this in the set. Although the piece is set in modern day, the yearning for the stars and for connection is hardly modern.

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antique astronomy star chart print chromolithograph. part of the living room, going up the stairs


The world is my muse. Just look around, focus on any one thing and inspiration will come. I am bewildered by all; the strangers I pass on my way to class, the shattered beer bottle outside my dorm, even the couch I am sitting on now. Every thing has a story behind it and I see inspiration as the untold story of anything. As I search for the 'correct' answer, I find myself looking everywhere and so that must be it. Everywhere, everything, and everyone is my muse.


English artist Ed Fairburn (previously) uses vintage road maps and star charts as canvases for drawn portraits. Cross-hatched patterns and shaded regions inside roads, borders, and rivers assimilate into the contours of faces, as if the images had always been secretly hidden in the map's topo

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Vertical Circular Constellation Map Star Chart in triptych layout, also available in a Horizontal Configuration, by LaurelCanyonDreaming, based on a series of 19th Century Constellation Maps. A great minimal piece of Celestial Astronomy art that feels very contemporary with elegant lines and milky way trails and fits really nicely into a Boho styled room. Black available upon request. Custom framing also available.