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Create a Picture Book Commemorate a special event in your child’s life, such as a trip to the amusement park or a visit with Grandma. Help her paste pictures on card stock and write captions to go along with each photo -- such as "I helped Grandma make dinner." Have her design a cover, and then hole-punch the pages and bind them together with string or ribbon. Bonus: Your little one will feel like a star -- and proudly read her book over and over.

love these washi tape borders. they're good to reinforce the side you punch holes on and also on the opposite side to mark pages.


Step-by-Step Instructions: Baby's got a brand-new mobile, and it's super chic. This DIY project is best made with a hole punch, plus embroidery hoops, yarn, a needle, thread, and scrapbook paper. Pro tip: Personalize your mobile for a boy or a girl by changing the color palette or using a flower hole punch instead of a circle. #diy #babysroom @merelymothers


SUPPLIES Star template Crayons Hole Puncher Scissors Ribbon DIRECTIONS 1.Get one star. 2.Decorate your star. 3.Optional: Hole punch one side of the star with 3-5 holes. 4.Cut the number of short ribbons as there are holes and tie to star.