Star jasmine. The hardy, low-maintenance climber star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is well behaved. It has glossy dark green leaves and, from midspring to late summer, is covered in deliciously scented white flowers. Star jasmine is tolerant of light to medium frost.

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Jasmine is a woody vine with fragrant blossoms that may be used as a climbing plant or a ground cover. Varieties of jasmine are variously known as Confederate Jasmine, Star Jasmine, Winter Jasmine or Asiatic Jasmine. Asiatic Jasmine is a true ground cover and will not grow in vine form and does not produce flowers or noticeable seeds. You can...

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Star Jasmine As Ground Cover: Information About Star Jasmine Plants - Also called Confederate jasmine, star jasmine is a vine that produces highly fragrant, white blossoms that attract bees. Learn more about growing star jasmine vine in your garden by clicking on the article that follows.

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10 plants you can't kill image 10. Star Jasmine The versaitility of Star Jasmine makes it an unkillable winner – ground cover, climber, spreading bush or indoor plant. The fragrant flowers appear in summer. They’re not fussy about soil type or aspect – doing well in sun or shade.

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star jasmine: easy-to-grow vine with a thick covering of white flowers and strong scent. grows up to 20 feet in lengthy to quickly cover trellice or fence. can also be planted in container with small trellis for moving indoors in winter. zones 8-11 in partial to full sun with moderate watering needs.

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criss cross some wires or thread against the side of the house for a small-leafed ivy trellis. Could probably make an intricate design if you take the time to put the lines just so. [KSPK] :: Photo from Inspired Design: Texas: Simple Ideas for Design Idea for the house foundation walls.

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