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Pinterest Star Of The Day: Pamela's "Cabinet of Curiosities"

Like that battered shoebox full of old ticket stubs, shells, photos, and trinkets, Pamela's Pinterest board, "Cabinet of Curiosities" has a curated hodgepodge feel, but without all the dust. | Everything Pinterest


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Cathedral to Massive Stars - The Hubble Space Telescope took this spellbinding image of Pismis 24 (shown center above), one of the most massive and luminous star clusters known, glimmering above the NGC 6357 nebula that is approximately 8150 light-years away. According to NASA's estimates, the brightest star of Pismis 24 cluster is over 200 times the mass of our Sun.


The Big Dipper Enhanced Explanation: Do you see it? This common question frequently precedes the rediscovery of one of the most commonly recognized configurations of stars on the northern sky: the Big Dipper. This grouping of stars is one of the few things that has likely been seen, and will be seen, by every human generation. In this featured image, however, the stars of the Big Dipper have been digitally enhanced -- they do not really appear this much brighter than nearby stars. The image…

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