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This sterling silver blue star sapphire ring showcases a genuine blue star sapphire (earth-mined in Thailand) premium high-dome cabochon, accented by

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A HIGHLY UNUSUAL STAR SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND PENDENT NECKLACE The pear-shaped cabochon sapphire weighing approximately 250 carats showing a six-rayed star encased within a series of pavé-set diamond stylised star motifs to the sapphire bead necklace, 40.0 cm long

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Black Star Sapphire : Star Sapphire is a wonderful gemstone. It is similar to normal Sapphire except for the fact that it has special inclusions that can be cut in a certain way to give the gemstone an asterism or star shape. Star Sapphires are only used for ornamental jewelry; however, it should be noted that Corundum, the mineral that Star Sapphire comes from is used for many industrial uses in its common form including abrasives.

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Star sapphire. From the corundum family. Contains unusual tiny needle-like inclusions of rutile. Aligned needles that intersect each other at varying angles produce a phenomenon called asterism.

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22.27-Carat Rare GIA-Certified 12-Ray Star Sapphire from Burma,Gemstone : Natural 12-Ray Star Sapphire,Colour : Very Dark Blue,Clarity : Semi-Translucent,Star Sharpness : Very Clearly Visible 12-Ray Star,Grading : A (on a scale of A to E),Origin : Mogok (Burma),Mohs Hardness : 9 (On a Scale of 10),Treatments : None (Guaranteed Natural & Untreated)

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