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Star Trek Games Online

Star Trek Phase II concept art & More (1977) Star Trek: Phase II, also known by its official title Star Trek II (not to be confused with the earlier 1975-1976 revitalization attempts bearing the same title), was planned to be the first live-action spin-off television series of the original Star Trek. While ultimately not realized, it did serve, in more ways than one, as the starting point for its immediate successor Star Trek: The Motion Picture…


Build Your Own European-Style Charm Bracelet and Charm Beads | ThinkGeek I love so many of these! The wizarding hat, bling mushroom, screen burn, earth, 8-bit heart, star trek, and the star wars ones


Tribble Troubles (by_heiligershadowfax-d4bt2dl) (I'm pretty sure Chekov is in there too, you just can't tell his hair from tribble).