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Tigris Rose reviews “Star Trek” (2009)

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The honest trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek is pretty, pretty great, featureing both Spork and Old Spork.

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12 Nerdy-Awesome Movie Mashup Posters

So glad this Star Trek movie was so good, love to see the franchise LLAP! la

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first teaser trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" released today. Chris is channelling Shatner like nobody's business ... ! :-D

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New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ blooper reel. Yes! I have been looking for this for so long!

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Okay, I loved Star Trek as a kid- grew up a trekkie even read the academy books. Did NOT expect to grow up and them make me my very own lady wet dream. Thanks, J.J. I owe you one.

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