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Although Voyager was my first Star Trek series, I've been watching TNG for the past couple of years - I'd forgotten how different of a captain Janeway was from Picard. | one of my favorites


Star Trek Voyager: the first time the series managed to put a woman in power without making her a bitch.

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46 Times Captain Janeway Was Outta Control Sassy

I honestly believe that Captain Janeway influenced who I am as a person because I have always admired how devoted to her crew she was. She loved these people, and they were her family. I try to live my life with a sense of loyalty that would live up to her standard. So thank you Captain, for the influence you had on that little nerdy girl. I wouldn't be who I am today without you.

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Robert Picardo on

Heh.. the Doctor indeed.. They should have Robert Picardo do a cameo..and if you don't get this, you are not a Geek!