Did this to late. I guess me wanting good job security for the future was wrong. If I had it to do over again I would've jumped and hoped for the best. Just didn't want to struggle.

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But let's be honest.... You're not getting any younger and your lifestyle can make you look older than your age and your brain less functional than it use to be...

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The worst times of my life the last past 2 years of my life, especially when my Father passed away, did I see peoples true colors. People are selfish and only care for themselves. No loyalty in this world. When we no longer talk daily, you no longer matter. #started #over #fresh

3 Powerful Phrases You Can Start Speaking Over Your Life Today Best Quotes – Psychology Re ...

I've come to realize.... quote friends life life quote moving on friendship quotes starting over wisdom quote inspirational friendship quotes

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Wow! This so true. It wasn't until I met you that I really started knowing who I was or what I really wanted in life. You have changed my life in so many ways and I'm thankful for you!

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I just don't understand why we argue with each other so much, Highway trying to prove each other wrong, I'm sorry I'M SORRY I just feel unwanted sometimes And it hurts And all that painful stuff reoccurs in my head, I wish those thoughts obey and we could just start all over again, And put the past behind us, And start out slow again just as friends, You truly are very important to me, I just wish you never would have brought back all that bad Situations we went through,

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