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This image shows how the electrical charges change when a balloon and paper are rubbed together. Static electricity: a buildup of charges in an object Friction: force that opposes motion between two surfaces in contact. Frictional charging: results in a transfer of electrons between the two objects that are rubbed together, in this case the balloon and paper.

from Frugal Fun For Boys

Jumping Goop! An Awesome Static Electricity Demonstration with Cornstarch


Roll a Can with No Hands! materials: soda can head of hair balloon Lay the can on a flat surface. Rub a balloon on your head back and forth super fast! Hold the balloon close to your can, without touch it. The can will roll toward the balloon! Have a soda can race with a friend! via Science Bob

from Learning 4 Kids

Taking a little idea and making it BIG!

Exploring Static Electricity: "Using a Balloon, What Can Static Electricity Lift?" (from Learning 4 Kids)