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STEM Design Challenge: Build a Boat

STEM Design Challenges are fun, engaging activities that stimulate problem-solving and critical thinking for students, grades 2-8. (Paid product comes with modifications to add or decrease rigor for younger/older students.)

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A Non-Skiers Guide to Ski Trips: What to Do Off the Slopes at These Popular Ski Destinations

When it comes to a winter holiday, some hit the slopes for skiing or snowboarding on fresh powder. Then there are those who like to travel to ski destinations, but would rather keep their feet on non-slippery ground. Luckily, some of the country's most popular ski destinations offer plenty to do off the slopes, whether it's marveling at internationally renowned art, taking a steam locomotive trip, or enjoying the gorgeous views (and a cocktail) after a gondola ride.

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The Minimalism Unveiled Master Bath offers an elevated shower experience; control water volume, temperature, and steam.

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Steam Gift Cards. They basically let you buy good PC games on ridiculous dirt-cheap sales. Like King's Quest, Rocket League, Grim Fandango, and Transistor. (If you haven't heard of those, look them up.)

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Recycled STEM Activities and STEM Challenges for Kids

Cool recycled STEM activities are all around! All kids can have access to STEM activities just by using the recycling bin. Recycling STEM ideas for kids.

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GENERATE YOUR OWN ELECTRICITY WITHOUT SOLAR OR WIND. An Inventor is offering plans for a low-cost, extremely simple and lightweight Steam Engine with important ramifications for alternate power capable of being fueled by various heat sources. Conventional steam engines are considered dangerous because of the high pressures. This one can operate on pressures as low as 2 pounds and is able to generate useful power at pressures of 15 pounds, or about the same as common pressure cookers.

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In every season, at every hour, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is a stunning and surprising landscape. Remote enough for dark skies to allow the Milky Way to shine and featuring steam rising from hot springs tinted with colorful bacteria and reflecting the aurora borealis, a night in the park offers enough wonders for a lifetime. Photo courtesy of Bryony Richards.

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Something special to experience in Melbourne is a trip on Puffing Billy, a century-old steam train still running on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook in the scenic Dandenong Ranges

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Take a trip on the real Hogwarts Express Train

This is the REAL Hogwart's Express Train! Read about our trip on the Jacobite Steam Train, from Fort William to Mallaig on the West Coast of Scotland.

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