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steampunksteampunk: Fantasiafest Meppel 2014

Hi I'm twist I'm a pixie my mother was a dark fairy and my dad was an angel and then boom here I am. I'm 10 and very sassy. I like steampunk, gears, drawing, flying, and pulling pranks. I have a older sister she's a witch and pixie. Introduce

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Midnight Forest Cuffs -Steampunk Fairy Cuffs - Vintage lace cuffs -Black Cuffs - Dark Fae Cuffs

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Fix-It Fairy: This type of Fae is very crafty at fixing things. U can usually find them N old abandon warehouses or grandfather clocks. Fix-It Fae's do not look like Disney Tinkerbell, they look more like the fairy N the picture above. These types of fairies R very nice, but U don't want 2 anger them, really U don't.

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Steampunk Fairy Elf Ears in Brass and Copper with Swarovski Crystals

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CUSTOM MADE: Custom Upcycled Steampunk Fairy Costume with L.E.D. Wings

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Taupe black corset laced raincoat festival clothing

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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