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STEM Engineering: Will building a tower with newspaper REALLY benefit my students?

Awesome STEM engineering project with basic household materials! Fun way for kids to practice essential science skills (measurement, creating a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, using science tools, thinking like a scientist, and more) in a short amount of time.

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Light Circuits: Depending on the grade level of the students, you can have them build a very simple circuit or a very complex circuit with both series and parallel circuits combined. For my students I have them use file folders in order to design and build a series on one side, then a parallel on the other with certain parameters for the switches. The students have an amazing time and there is always 100% participation and together we saved those lights from a trip to the landfill!

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FREE 100th Day of School Elementary STEM Stations for PreK, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade! | STEM Challenges | STEM Activities

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Winter STEM: Build a Snowman

Winter STEM

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STEM Activities by the Month Bundle

Are you ready for monthly STEM projects? Here's a money-saving bundle of 30 kid-tested STEM activities- perfect for using all year long.

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STEM Activities Challenge Heart Bundle Candy Boxes, Bow and Arrows, Zip Lines

STEM challenges perfect for Valentine's Day. This set features Candy Boxes, Zip Lines, and Bow and Arrows!

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Winter STEM: Build a Snowman

Winter STEM

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What is STEAM? Why does it Matter?

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Storybook STEM {January}

All in One Literacy and STEM Challenges for January and Winter! | Elementary | Kindergarten | First Grade | Second Grade

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