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My step children are adults and we get along wonderfully. I thank God I was taught by my bonus parents that you never disrespect the biological parent and I will alway live by that rule! I know it took both parents to make them the loving, kind and respectful adults they are today.


I agree with this 100%. It angers me when I see parents letting their children talk rudely to their parents and they don't do a thing about it. Allowing your child to hit, yell, and disrespect you or others is NOT teaching them to be a good person.


Oh my there are far too many children running around like this. Its sickening that its actually encouraged in some homes.


Alienators think of the children as an extension of themselves. They do not acknowledge the need for the other parent even though they chose them. The other parent is strictly seen from a financial need and never an emotional necessity in their eyes.

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Don't Get Stepped On By Your Adult Step Children!!

I was meeting an old school friend again after 20 years tonight for dinner. OF COURSE we found each other on Facebook. But we also found out fairly quickly that we had something in common other than the things of our shared childhood, ungrateful...