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Stephan Harper

from Quartz

And the award for the worst climate change record in the industrialized world goes to…

Thank you Stephan Harper; we couldn't have earned this award without your leadership. And we beat out ‬Iran, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia.

from BBC News

Canadian leaders gone wild in three-way debate battle

NOPE. A sign featuring an illustration of Conservative leader, Stephan Harper.

Os canadenses votaram, e o Partido Liberal de Justin Trudeau entra em cena como o novo governo majoritário, deixando o Partido Conservador de Stephen Harper como oposição.   Com a campanha “Real Change Now” os Liberais, liderados por Justin Trudeau, conseguiram retirar Stephan Harper após três mandatos consecutivos do poder e levaram as eleições canadenses …

from Global News

Is this meal worth $150? Government spent more than $32,000 on Israel plane food

Is this meal worth $150? Canadian "Government" (Stephan Harper) and their entourage spent more than $32,000 on plane food on a trip to Israel.

Conrad Black says Stephen Harper has "run out of steam." That's code for a guy who doesn't know what to do anymore but isn't willing to lead the job. And yes, this is the same guy who founded the National Post to advance the fortunes of the Conservative Party.

April 25, 2014 The court rules that the Harper government cannot use Parliament alone to impose Senate term limits, allow consultative elections for senatorial candidates or abolish the upper chamber. The justices hold that the first two changes would need the consent of seven provinces representing half the provinces. Abolition would require provincial unanimity.