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"I pound my chest and point to the sky, it symbolizes that I have a heart for God, something that my mom and I came up with in college. I do it every time I step on the court as a reminder of who I’m playing for. People should know who I represent and why I am who I am, and that’s because of my Lord and savior."


Steph Curry. I watched him singlehandedly beat my beloved just sorta knew it then....greatness.


love curry but that smile


$ Urban Herbivore | Best Vegan 2016+2015 | Multiple Locations: KENSINGTON MARKET: 64 Oxford, LITTLE ITALY: 967 College, TORONTO EATON CENTRE: Food Court | Stephen Gardner’s ventures into fine dining, Fressen + Grasslands have died out, but his takeout-friendly café has blossomed. Big bowls of greens + grains piled high w/ rainbow of produce are the big seller. Yummy Moroccan or coconut-curry stews and soups will stick to your ribs. | NOW + BlogTO