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Stephen Harper Family

from CBC News

Harper announces family tax cut, child care benefit boost

Stephen Harper Family Tree - Oral histories are gold.. don't wait until your elderly family generation has passed on

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Image result for stephen harper family life

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel, joined by members of the Canadian delegation, participate in a family photo.

from Zimbio

Stephen Harper Photos Photos: Pope Benedict XVI Meets Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper (2013), and family (notice Mrs. Harper's outfit).

Doug Ford wasted no time in roasting Trudeau’s Liberals for supposedly huge tax hikes that in his view would reduce families to penury, whipping up his supporters into a frenzy for a re-elected Stephen Harper government. He burst onstage to a packed house & unleashed a barn-burning speech in front of ecstatic supporters who hung on his every word, cheering promises of low taxes & strong families & loudly booing any mention of Justin Trudeau at an Oct. 17 rally. Really & truly SAD.

Stephen Harper's Conservative Party of Canada crime family. Hey where's Vic Toews and Pierre Poilievre?