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"... a leader is responsible for the actions of the people he leads." -- Stephen Harper Yeah, about that... via Twitter @AlistairReign &

Sign the declaration to stop the new Canadian militarism. Stephen Harper wants to militarize Canada. Under the Conservatives, military spending has reached its highest levels since World War II. There are now plans to expand Canadian military bases around the world. We need to stop this new Canadian militarism. Visit and you kind find the CPA on twitter @CanadianPeace

In this picture posted on Councillor Rob Ford's Twitter account, Tory leader Stephen Harper poses with Ford families during an Etobicoke rally Saturday.

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A hoax is circulating on Facebook and Twitter that claims Prime Minister Stephen Harper was kicked out of the Vatican “after getting caught masturbating in front of old photos of Mussolini.” Here’s how it looked on Facebook. | A Hoax Story On Facebook Claimed Stephen Harper Was Kicked Out Of The Vatican

#Twitter’s White People Problem: Will the company become a leader in reforming its workforce, or a case study for how the tech industry’s relentless whiteness destroys innovation, too?

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An artist on Twitter is aiming to bring new attention to missing and murdered aboriginal women, by taking the issue straight to Stephen Harper.

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