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Samantha Mom Love And Hip Hop Kim Wallace Samantha's mom Kim Wallace was seen in the previews for Love and Hip Hop'sthird episode of season 7 "Chest Pains." In the episode Yandy Smith tries to keep the peace within the family yet rumors about Samantha lead to drama. Samantha is seen explaining the family's problems to her mother Kim. Samantha tells Kim that Yandy needs to learn her place as the stepmother to Samantha's son. We then see Yandy talking to Kim about the situation. Yandy…

Areopagus (Mars Hill) - Athens, Greece According to Greek mythology, Ares (the god of war, known to the Romans as Mars) was tried here by the gods for the murder of Poseidon's son Alirrothios. It is this legend that gives the hill its various names. Another legend says that the hill was the site of the trial of Orestes for killing his stepmother and her lover, Clytemnestra and Aegisthus.

I love you and have missed you everyday since you passed away my sweet Cinnamon. You will live in my heart forever little girl.


The truth WILL come out and the child will see all of the evidence. They will see how you lied to them and alienated them from their dad and family. Stop Parental Alienation!


I love both my beautiful stepdaughters very much and am so thankful God allowed them to be a part of my life...but this is pretty much a true saying!!


Yes! I'm so grateful for my son's stepmother. And we get along, b/c wheres the point of being bitter. We both love the same child and want whats best for him.


"You are not her/his mother" is one of the meanest, rudest and most selfish comments you can make to a person who shares their life with YOUR child. Grow up.


P.a.s parental alienation syndrome. And when you finally get to see your child you still are treated like the outsider cause they love the other parents lies more then your truth SUCKS !