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Sterek fic - We'll Get There One Day - Summary: “I…I didn’t…I didn’t cuddle you!” Stiles shouted it a bit maniacally, hoping the more surprise he expressed the less Derek would be compelled to kill him. “I know,” Derek replied easily, sitting up and stretching, muscles in his shoulder popping. “I did.” The whole pack stopped their movements to stare. “Because you sleep like a spaz, Stiles,” Derek grumbled.


Sterek - Predator/Prey - Summary: The only reason a guy who looked like this and drove a car like this would be picking up a scrawny underage hooker was because he wanted to do to Stiles the sorts of things you couldn't ask a girlfriend or boyfriend for, or even a stranger in a bar. Nasty-bad wrong things. Things that only money handed over could make better, silence bought and paid for. Stiles is a vampire. Derek's still the Alpha. And there's knotting.


Sterek fic - Nobody Does It Better - Summary: “Blue Wolf, come in, Blue Wolf. You should really thank me for suggesting the pink tie, as it’s clearly bringing all the ladies to the yard.”


Sterek fic - Pucker Up - Summary: Stiles would have asked who in their right mind thought a kissing booth was a good idea for a fundraiser, except – oh, right – he’s on a lacrosse team populated entirely by male models.


Derek/Stiles. "So," says Stiles, lips barely able to move against Derek's shoulder. "This is a thing, huh? I don't think we can deny that it's a thing. A conspiracy. All supernatural beings want us to be trapped in enclosed spaces."


Sterek fic - Down Where It's Tangled and Dark - Summary: Stiles wakes up in the dark with Derek. They're trapped underground. Oh, and Derek is partially naked. It's just peachy.