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astronomicalwonders: The Syrtis Major Volcanic Province - The Martian Surface Acquired by the High Resolution Stereo Camera on ESA’s Mars Express Satellite, this image depicts a detailed region of the Martian Nili Fossae Graben system. This system is an area of great interest to geologists due to the variety of its landscape. The graben system contains numerous troughs, plateaus, impact craters and depressions. Planetary Scientists are actively studying the data collected from ESA’s Mars…


Kodak Stereo

The Kodak Stereo is a 35mm stereo camera that was made by Kodak from 1954 to 1959. About 100,000 were made to a design by Arthur H Crapsey.


Fog in Valles Marineris the western region of Valles Marineris, taken by the HRSC (High Resolution Stereo Camera for) the European probe Mars Express


Mars is very dynamic. The shape and flow of this deposit near a Martian mountain almost 4 km. tall suggests ice-rich glacial movement. The image, taken on the eastern rim of the Hellas Basin, was made by the Mars Express High-Resolution Stereo Camera. Photo: European Space Agency |


My second favorite camera in all the world. The Rolleidoscop, a stereo camera that was the predecessor of the famous Rolliflex. Probably the best stereoscopic camera ever made.