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Stereographic Projection Lampshade by henryseg [ ] If you put a light source at the north pole of this sculpture, the rays of light effectively do stereographic projection! The curves on the sphere cast shadows, mapping them to a straight line grid on the plane.


David Jackson, a British photographer, uses a technique called stereographic projection to turn landscapes and familiar landmarks into mini planets. Stereographic projection is a form of digital processing that shows a 360-degree spherical panorama as a flat image.

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50 Dazzling Examples of Polar Panorama Photography

Polar panoramas, also known as stereographic projections or ‘little planets’, are spectacular images that are created out of panoramic photos.


פ״ב) In mathematics, a Zero-dimensional topological space (or Nildimensional) is a topological space that has dimension zero with respect to one of several inequivalent notions of assigning a dimension to a given topological space. An illustration of a nildimensional space is a Point.

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