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I am British I whisper as I eat a jammy dodger, wearing a jumper in the cold English rain... except im not british

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All I think of is hetalia

ODV "Ophelia DeVore" The First African American Model in American to start her won Modeling Agency in 1940's She starting modeling in the 30's. She broke down stereostypes of what black was or looked like in the "color blind" Caucasian world of modeling in America back in the 130's & 40's. ODV's Modeling agency was the first one to win the prestigious Cannes Film Festival Queen of the International Award for America with a 'black' model! America took notice of us then.

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Frantz Fanon's "The Wretched of the Earth" provides one of the most comprehensive analyses of the effects of White supremacy, racism, African slavery and colonialism. In it Fanon acknowledges the heinous and calculated effects of White oppression, and concludes that a people so brought low by the effects of systematic degradation can but only find one final solution to ridding themselves of the burden of their fate - violent upheaval and rebellion against it. What makes this truth quite…

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Unfortunately the stereotype of my race is terrible. African Americans are able to do anything the other races can do. And thus picture proves that. Some people fail to recognize that African Americans helped shape this country (The United States) . But no, we get mistreated, segregated and just stereotyped . for what?! Nothing.

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Augusta Braxton Baker, librarian & storyteller. She is renowned for her contributions to children's literature, specifically as a pioneering advocate for its positive portrayal of Blacks. As the 1st African American woman to hold an administrative position with the New York Public Library, she oversaw children's programs within the entire NYPL system, removing books with negative stereotypes from its shelves. She was also the 1st African American to graduate from Albany's Teacher College…

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Powerful 'Mugshot' Photos Reverse Ugly Stereotypes Of Black Men

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“Found this on the London Tube this Morning.” (elephant journal)

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The sacrifice of Native Americans ;; ha this made me giggle :) gotta love the nishnob life x)

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