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Bertha Smith audios-missionary to China @

Steve Vai’s Electric “The Green Meanie” No Serial Number The "Green Meanie" is actually a Charvel Strat-style guitar loaned to Steve by Grover Jackson (of Jackson Guitars) when Steve joined Alcatrazz. Originally a sunburst finish, Steve stripped it and painted it day-glo green, and it has eventually become covered in various stickers, etc. This guitar was used on "Disturbing The Peace" and for virtually everything on "Eat 'Em & Smile". It has since been retired and is safely locked away.

from Yandas Music

Ibanez UV70P Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar | Black

Ibanez Universe Premium. So many memories of Vai, Thordendal and Petrucci…

Every 6-7 years I feel a need to remind myself just how badly I suck at being a musician. I feel the itch coming back. And if I forget to suck at it next time around ... this custom Fender Strat will be mine.

from My Modern Met

Candid Photos of People Around the World Reveal a Universal Love for Reading

Photojournalist Steve McCurry has an unparalleled talent for capturing private and intimate moments, often revealing his subjects’ vulnerabilities even while they're caught in the hustle and bustle of daily life. McCurry is most well known for his iconic Afghan Girl photo from 1985, a portrait of a 12-year-old refugee with piercing green eyes staring defiantly into the camera. Since then, McCurry has continued to travel around the world documenting honest and universal moments across cult...