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With Midas Touch, MS Dhoni Still a Great Player: Steve Waugh -


I donned the Freo Scarf onto the Great Steve Waugh when we lived the Dockers win @ SCG back in 2012 (i think)

Steve Waugh praised Sourav Ganguly crediting him with having instilled toughness in national side, do you support his statement?


The unofficial practice of never replacing a baggy green cap began in the 1990s. Steve Waugh refused to replace his as it held too many memories to simply discard it. Originally, a baggy green cap was simply supplied to each player with his equipment and a new one was issued for each tour. In the early 1990s, however, an unofficial tradition emerged among the players of never replacing a cap. The more dilapidated a cap, the more it signifies a player's seniority.

17 - Steve Waugh joins Keralites in Vishu celebrations - Times of India -