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Steven Stayner was kidnapped at age 7 and held for seven years as a sex slave. His abductor told him he was getting too old and kidnapped another young boy, five-year-old Timmy White. Steven could not bear the terror that Timmy was going through and decided to escape, taking Timmy with him. They hitchhiked 40 miles to safety. Steven was killed in a hit-and-run motorcycle accident in 1989. His biological brother, Cary Stayner, committed several high-profile murders near Yosemite National…


Pedophile and kidnapper Kenneth Parnell - took seven-year-old Steven Stayner and made him a sex slave before kidnapping Timothy White,5. Stayner took the child to a police station to save him from Parnell.


The Yosemite Murders (True Crime - did you know that this murderer was the older brother of a young boy kidnapped and mistreated which became a true story movie called "My Name is Steven"


Steven Gregory Stayner (April 18, 1965 – September 16, 1989) was an American kidnap victim. Stayner was abducted from the Northern California city and county of Merced, California at the age of seven and held until he was 14, when he escaped and rescued another victim, Timothy White, in 1980. Stayner died in 1989 in a motorcycle accident while driving home from work.


Cary Stayner, the older brother of abducted youth Steven Stayner, had trouble adjusting to all his brother's press. Ultimately, Cary would make his own headlines, not as a hero, but as a monster, The Yosemite Killer. Between February and July 1999, he murdered two women and two teenagers. He was convicted of four counts of first degree murder and was sentenced to death. Stayner is housed in the Adjustment Center on death row at San Quentin Penitentiary in California.