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Meet The Cast Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Hernandez (aka Shenellica Bettencourt), a fiery up-and-coming Latina rapper who is managed by Stevie J.


Gordon Sumner, the rock star and actor known as Sting, got his nickname from the yellow-and-black jerseys he used to wear, which fellow musicians thought made him look like a bumble bee. Singer Johnny Cash was born J. R. Cash. He chose the first name John when the military wouldn’t accept just initials on its forms.


Tommy From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Recap Tommy From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Recap In Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's "Family Business" episode Steven "Stevie J" Jordan and Joseline Hernandez see each other for the first time since separating. Let's start midway through the episode when singer Faith Evans visits Sleazo at the studio. The producer isn't 100% evil. VH1 reportsthat Stevie let Faith borrow $75000 back in the day. The talented singer used the money to buy a house. At the studio…