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Stink Bugs In House

I've read several articles and have to try any of the diy remedies, but this site had several suggestions that weren't on other sites already. Goodluck! How To Get Rid of Stink Bugs


Simple DIY Stink Bug Trap (Works Fast) Build One Today!

I hate stink bugs! It's those super sticky feet that get me... Yuck! I hate the way you can catch one in cup or jar etc, open the window and give it a shake and then when you close the window and go to put the cup/jar down, you notice the stink bug is...


Bug spray! Kills Stink Bugs! Inexpensive, pet/family safe, and effective. Mix 2 parts warm water, 1 part antiseptic mouth wash, and 1 part lemon dish liquid. Shake gently. Spray around windows and doors to prevent entry. Spray directly on insects to kill. This hasn't stained anything I've used it on.


Get Rid of Stink Bugs Naturally

Keep stink bugs away with mint. Mix 2 cups (500 ml) of water with 10 drops of mint oil in a spray bottle. Spray the solution around possible entryways and hide-outs. Like garlic, mint only acts as a repellent rather than a poison. The strong odor is often successful in keeping stink bugs away, though. Instead of mint oil, you could use 2 tsp (10 ml) ground mint leaves.


A Stink Bug Trap that Really Works – Place a light above a pan with soapy water and leave the light on all night. The stink bugs are attracted to teh light. Once they get in the water, they quickly drown. (Liquid dish soap)


Isopropyl Alcohol = bug spray. In fact, it's the only thing we've found that kills stink bugs without them spraying. We've also sprayed wasps in the air and they were dead when they hit the ground.


(link) DIY Natural Bug Repellents for Your Body ~ You stink! That's what you want a bug to think of you. It's a strange concept to think about, but bugs are either attracted or detracted by scent. ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit @djohnisee ~ have fun!


DIY: Organic Fly Trap

DIY: organic fly trap..also a green way to use those 2ltr soda bottles! Ingenious