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Stinking Bishop Cheese Recipes

Stinking Bishop - Runny and so smelly - never get on a train with this ! One of my favourites, and can be found at Neal's Yard Dairy in Covent Garden and Borough Market

from Pop Chart Lab

The Charted Cheese Wheel

The Charted Cheese Wheel Print: A charting of 65 delightful cheeses from around the world, assembled into one wondrous wheel. The cheeses are broken down by the animal that produced the luscious milk, and then by the texture of the resultant cheese, forming a cornucopia of cheese that range from the mild to the stinky and from the rock hard to the silky smooth. The chart includes all-time greats like Cheddar, Brie, and Mozzarella as well as foodie faves like Stinking Bishop and Humboldt Fog.


Enjoyed more than a slice of Stinking Bishop yesterday. This is a great artisan cheese. I found the image on


Stinking Bishop >>> A fruity flavoured cheese with a fantastically soft texture and powerful aroma coming from the perry-washed rind


(7) Stinking Bishop Stinking Bishop smells of old socks, but it tastes divine. The rind is washed in perry, made from the Stinking Bishop pe...