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Ticker Tape Quilt use up those little scraps. This is a raw edge / frayed edge applique technique. Very forgiving.


Dow Jones Stock Ticker Machine, 1940s

For Sale on 1stdibs - Awesome 1940s Deco Stock ticker by financial institution Dow Jones & Co. Piece comes with original roll of ticker tape, clipboard, scissors, and scissors

upgraded from an old tri color DAKTicker to a new full color stock ticker at U of Memphis's Fed Ex Institute of Technology

How many quaint tiny fabrics are in this darling kids quilt?!? "I Spy" away and imagine any animal or focal figure you desire :)


Commercial Telegram Company (Acquired by the New York Stock Exchange) - Stock Ticker Vignette - New York, 1888

Very interesting blog post about this "Stamp Collection" Block Tile Quilt -- based on the tile quilt technique in "Tile Quilt Revival: Reinventing a Forgotten Form by Carol Gilham Jones & Bobbi Finley (2010) [NCS]