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The observance of effective diet recommendations after gastric sleeve surgery is fundamental for hassle-free recovery of the patient, post surgery. Various options of weight reduction have been examined by numerous patients and specialists and gastric sleeve surgery has been one of them. As it is a comparatively new method of weight management and is associated with the reduction of stomach size, various issues regarding post-recovery nutrition habits have arisen.


Surviving Restaurants after Weight Loss Surgery - Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas


Smart food choices following bariatric surgery are critical to your health and success. Beginning right after weight loss surgery, you will begin the first phase of your post-op diet — the liquid phase. This diet phase can be the most difficult as your body is recovering from surgery and you are adapting to your new way of life. Here are some helpful tips to ​get you ​through the liquid diet and ensure you are getting proper nutrition. Weight Loss Surgery | Bariatric Nutrition | Gastric…


Snacks are important for gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and lap band patients. Despite having a reduced stomach size, bariatric patients still need to eat enough calories, protein, and healthy fats to support their immune system, to maintain strong muscles, and to supply the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients their body needs. #gastricsleeve #VSG #snack #weightloss #BocaRaton