Paleolithic Tools - made and used by intelligent beings for survival after catastrophes - until tools of better quality could be made

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Would you know how to use an ancient stone tool if you unearthed one? Try your hand here. -- Stone Age Toolkit By Lexi Krock | Posted 03.01.09 | NOVA

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Late Paleolithic period Solutrean Culture double-ended Laurel Leaf style spear point or knife blade, produced with soft hammer percussion and pressure retouch.

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Tools & The Stone Age. Children could make their own clay tools and write about what they're used for.

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Later Stone Age Tools Neolithic, ‘Upper Paleolithic’ & ‘Late Stone Age’ toolkits are very diverse and reflect stronger cultural diversity than in earlier times. The pace of innovations rose. Groups of Homo sapiens experimented with diverse raw materials (bone, ivory, and antler, as well as stone). Craftsmanship increased, and refined composite tools made of polished stone show different groups sought their own distinct cultural identity and ways of making things.

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