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You never know what other people are going through..i hope my little kinley giirl lives by this quote.

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I chose this picture because I think a big part of the problem is that people judge people without knowing them, which is just wrong

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Those who insult you and bully you are insecure, they want to pull you down to make themselves feel better. Bullies will insult you to hide their inadequacies.

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Stop bullying really you never know there story. You might know there name but not there history or heartaches or diseases! You NEVER know. Show the world there is still some good left!

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Is your child's school unresponsive about bullying? Here's Dr. Dorothy Espelage's advice on what to do next in our #KITHoftheDay

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BullyVille - R.I.P. Amanda Todd i remember watching her video and finding out she committed suicide.

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to the bullies: omg,,guys please stop bullying it's damaging so many lives up until they get older & they're comitting suicide:( stop hating on them, if you were nice to people instead of mean....I bet you would have more friends,people that cared about you, & less hate from everyone:( we don't like bullying & neither should you

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bullying quotes | Bully Inspirational Quotes|Anti Bullying|Bullies|Stop Bullying|Bully ...

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Conway is an idiot who sold her soul to the devil!!!!

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Never assume and post rude things about another unless you know the truth! Not everything is about you. You are no better and just as much a bully when you do.

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What is Bullying?

Interesting information and facts on adult bullying. I'm sure a lot of us have come across this once.

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Make them stop, Mommy! Thank goodness they're not all like this.

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Beware. Know who you can be yourself with and who you cannot. Also known as family...or those you once called family.

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30 Helpful Life Quotes

We should focus on enhancing resilience, not just "stopping bullying".

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Even if their phony pose continues - and their selfish self-deception. You can't change them, you can only respond differently when you get to the last straw.

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