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Retirement Stop Codon Card | Molecular Biology, Chemistry, RNA, tRNA, UAA, Protein | Professor, Teacher, Scientist, Colleague

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A glimpse into nature's looking glass -- to find the genetic code is reassigned: Stop codon varies widely

❤ =^..^= ❤ It has long been assumed that there is only one 'canonical' genetic code, so each word means the same thing to every organism. Now, this par...

Termination occurs when a stop codon enters the A - site of the ribosome. There are three different stop codons: 1) UAA 2) UGA 3) UAG. A stop codon does not have a corresponding tRNA but instead corresponds to a release factor.


Apparently stop codons don't always means "stop"! [Cell Biology]

When Stop Means Go— A survey of trillions of base pairs of microbial DNA reveals a considerable degree of stop codon reassignment.


Differences between the vertebrate mtDNA code and the "universal" code are indicated in red. Note that UGA codes for Trp rather than being a stop codon, there are two Met codons, and two AGR codons are read as Stops. Slightly different mtDNA codes are found in Drosophila and other invertebrate groups.

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How Gene Mutation Occurs:

Point mutations change a single nucleotide base pair-3 types: Silent Mutation: mutation does not change the protein bc multiple genetic codons can encode for the same amino acid. Amino acids are coded for by 3 nucleotide sets called codons. Missense Mutation-alters the nucleotide sequence so that a different amino acid is produced. Nonsense Mutation-A stop codon is coded for in place of an amino acid; signals the end of the translation process and stops protein production-usually…

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How do you identify the genes in a genome?

Here is a beautifully clear illustration of the basic structure of a gene showing the promoter, start codon, introns, exons and stop codon.