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Focus on improving your lack of genuine thought and articulation instead of copying from others and then attempting to pass something off as your own when there is evidence others have used the very thing you attempted to copy.

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I hate it with a passion! Yes, I notice it! You are WAY too obvious. Stop copying me or trying to one up. You need hit numerous times with a baseball bat!

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I know I'm awesome but stop copying me A further example of Pin Bullying... Don't listen to it!!! LOL if people join this website which is essentially a sharing website they have NO RIGHT to put pins up like this!!! LOL !! Sura Zubi is a Pin Bully!!!

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So stop copying my every move!! Brag board really you could have at least named it different

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There comes a time when you just have to shake your head and say..... ...STOP COPYING ME! | Breakup Ecard |

People need to remember this about me. I've become really good at ignoring things but just because I ignore it doesn't mean I didn't see it.

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Love how you're still using ideas from my wedding for your 'fantasy' wedding, pathetic much!

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