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It Isn’t Love – It Is Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissists Lie - "Your not trusting the narcissist will be turned around to paint the picture of YOU being insecure. You will be accused of being “jealous” / insecure / damaged / broken. All things you’re not – but things the narcissist is. You will begin to believe that you are insecure for not trusting them. You in turn, stop trusting yourself and your own perceptions and rely on someone who is lying to you."


It’s amazing how drastically your life can change when you stop accepting shit you hate. - Steve Maraboli


When will I finally get truthful words? When will you stop lying? When will you admit that I'm like this because of you? I've almost died because of things you've said. What kind of a man are you, dad?


Between the emails, photos, and recordings, how are you going to wiggle out of all of this?


Get strong! Be real & for gods sake stop all your lies & trying to be in our lives!! Your days of being anything at all to us ( especially him) is over! Move on! Get a hobby, a real job, an education & your OWN man!!

Rep. Gowdy Demands Answers When Subpoenaed Witness In Clinton Email Hearing Is A…

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Huckabee: Journalism Is Dead As We Once Knew It

Huckabee: Journalism is Dead as we Once Knew it | Fox Business

the whole truth... a lie is a lie. You have to live with it, the caliber of a human it forces you to become can ways be changed. Break free, break loose. Be who you are, be who you're meant to, be yourself. Don't let somebody dictate your opinions, ideas or force you to tell someone something you don't want. That is unhealthy, that is not you. That is manipulative abuse. I hope you become aware Megan

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Photo (A well traveled woman)

Now that is the truth but some people can never stop lying just to prove something to someone else who doesnt care!