Stop expecting loyalty from people who can't even give you honesty

Stop expecting loyalty from people who can't even give you honesty Man I cannot agree with this more!

So true.... lol some people ARE SO PITIFUL.....

Very sad. Also sad that they screen shot everything from everyone and only show one side of a story(constantly). Sorry but that is a sad life, lonely life.

I should carry this around with me and just randomly pull it out ;-)

Shhh....I know Your Lying - Shhh....I know Your Lying

you're a liar pretending to be a good person. That's dangerous. You lied to her, to me and to yourself. That's pathetic!!

So many fucking lies, its amazing what you can find out when you seek out the truth!

As you recover, settle for nothing less than honesty from those you surround yourself with.   Start with yourself and stop lying to yourself about being responsible for their abuse!

If the words don’t add up, it’s usually because the truth wasn’t included in the equation. I can't stand a liar! Or someone who talks shit behind your back! LOL your friends tell me!

I'm just gonna sit back & enjoy the shit show! Karma's a bitch, just like me! I knew this was gonna happen! LMFAO ;)

Someone experiencing what they put you through and have their life changed the way their actions changed yours is the best form of Karma. It doesn't matter how long it has been since you did what you Karma will still get you.

So true! As hard as it is to watch someone you love continue to destroy themselves, you have to realize they are the only ones that can save themselves! Sucks!

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i just made up a new quote in the car and put it on my wallll about how its true, you can't save people only they can save themselves. if they never learn how to swim themselves you can only rescue them so many times until they drown.

Maybe I should start being a bitch to people, I'm getting fed up with people taking my kindness for some type of weakness...

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