Stop-motion animations are so easy and fun to make! This post lays out exactly how to use a free app and gives actual photos and example animations for you to really get a feel for this fun video-making process! Who knew learning could be so much fun!

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I got a lot of questions about how I used iMovie for stop motion in my Magic Trackpad unboxing. Here is the answer. Music royalty free from:

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Stop Motion Studio tool allows students to create and recreate concepts in visual form.

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A FREE LEGO App that kids can make stop motion movies - kids learn how motion picture works hands-on and be creative at the same time

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The Human Body (stop-motion!). A handmade "demo video" for Tinybop's Human Body App, which teaches kids about how body systems function. Al...

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I love these wire stands as tripods for ipads to keep them in place and steady during stop motion filming! PUPPY JAWNS: We Run This Place

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Looking for a way to combine creativity, storytelling and technology? Make a stop motion video with your kids. Transform toys or clay into characters that move.

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