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What Were You Created From?

The mysterious clouds darkened the Earth beneath. Once a boisterous beauty, now a haunted soul to be forever more.


50 National Geographic Photos - Award Winning Photography Examples

When God used his power to cause a global deluge, only 8 people heeded Noah's warning and survived. Jehovah is once again offering people LIFE -- and is warning that He will destroy those who are ruining this Earth. Matt. 2 Peter Rev. Free Bible info. at

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Impressive Storms Photography

Impressive Storms Photography | Since 2012, American photographer Camille Seaman is what we call a “storms chaser”. She wanders in a lot of regions in the United States such as Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas and also l’Oklahoma, searching for the most elegant storm. She always finds herself in front of a clouds’ ballet that seem to suck up the horizon. | © Camille Seaman [If you repin, keep the copyright, thank you]