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The #StoryofDiwali which tells you the story of Lord Rama and his 14 years of exile in wild. To learn about more #festivals #aroundtheworld, visit:

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Teach Kids the Story of Diwali

Story of Diwali Packet for Kids: fabulous multicultural learning for kids to learn about Diwali through cultural activities, reading, and math.

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Decorate Thali (Plates) for a Simple Diwali Craft

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a Hindu fall festival that usually takes place in October or November. Families gather to celebrate hope and happiness and share delicious foods with loved ones. Here is a simple craft that kids can make for Diwali! Using sticky jewels, doilies, foam decorations, glitter, and stickers, have the...Read More »

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Ramayana - The Story of Diwali presents: Ramayana - The Story of Diwali Watch this fun video to know about why is Diwali celebrated and what was the story of the epic Ramayana. Many see Diwali honouring the return of the lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana from exile. This video is a part of the Festivals issue 4 of our free online Kids Magazine - Mocomag. If you liked this video, you'll definitely love the rest of our magazine. Subscribe for FREE today: