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Storyboard Generator

This is a great tool for developing storyboards based around scripts. Great for helping to visualise a text / script. | Herramientas Digitales para el profesorado


With ACMI Storyboard Generator, you can create and share animated storyboards from a selection of existing scripts. You can also choose to create your own script and storyboard.

Kenji Ono finally started a tumblr! The page features amazing artwork and visual process for Nora and Beta, a children’s book he’s developing and working on. Kenji is currently a storyboard artist at DreamWorks animation. He also worked on Avatar the Last Airbender, Generator Rex, Turbo Fast, Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness, DreamWorks Dragons— in other words: Go check out his tumblr and show some love for the talented guy!! Nora and Beta is going to be amazing!

MODULE 3 This is the URL where you can have a look at my storyboard:

We used amazon storyboard to create a detail storyboard of our penning scene. It allowed us to create an image we want our characters to portray and also to develop the main scenery.