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India continues developing its strategic petroleum reserve as its oil imports grow -

Take That Putin: US To Release 5 Million Barrels From Strategic Petroleum Reserve In "Test." Of course, this is a direct aim at Putin's pocket-book as his stumbling economy needs high prices to sustain itself. However, the 5 million barrell release is less than a third of the US daily consumption rate (though does sound some alarms we are sure). #economy #oil #strategicreserves #testsale #Russia #nograinreserves #liquidatingstored #higherprices #beprepared #liquiditycrisis #awareness…

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Was A Hot Topic In The U.S. Senate Tuesday [Video] -

BIG HILL STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVE. A federally-controlled underground petroleum storage site, 1 of 4 in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve prog of the US Gov. These sites can hold over 700m barrels of crude - 2 months of domestic consumption. An emerg supply for the nation, releases from the reserve have been used to manipulate the market. Big Hill was made bet 1987-1991, and is connected by a wide pipeline to a terminal in Nederland. Each of the 14 excavated cavities can hold 12mil barrels.


#UAE talks strategic petroleum reserve in #India ..


Obama Bans Drilling in Half of Alaska's 'Petroleum Reserve'

Obama Bans Drilling in Half of Alaska's 'Petroleum Reserve' - Strategic Petroleum Reserve - Fox Nation

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Selling #oil from the U.S. Strategic #Petroleum Reserve would be a mistake, says Keith Crane: